100% biodegradable
    and compostable

    No added fragrances
    or binding agents
    100% made of renewable materials
    The soiled sawdust can safely be disposed of in your organic waste bin

    100% manufactured from the sawdust of Swedish spruce
    The sawdust is a residue of the Swedish wood industry

    The ammonia smell is absorbed completely 
    No more penetrating smells in your house

    Paws remain clean
    and dry

    No more sawdust in
    the fur or litter all over
    the house

    No dust, your house remains remarkably clean and fresh 
    No traces of litter or
    thick layers of dust

This is how it works

PeeWee makes cleaning your cat litter tray simple, safe and sustainable. The unique PeeWee wood pellets are harmless to humans and animals and cause minimal environmental impact. If you use the wood pellets in a PeeWee litter tray your cat’s paws will stay fresh and clean, which will help to keep your home free of litter dust and nasty smells. This might sound utopian, but it really is possible thanks to: PeeWee.

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PEWI Dwarsdoorsnede ENG WT 700