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What makes PeeWee wood pellets so special?

extremely absorbent

PeeWee wood pellets are made of pure sawdust from Swedish-grown Norwegian spruce and Scots pine with no bark or leaf. The sawdust is a by-product of FSC-approved forestry in northern Sweden, where trees grow more slowly due to the cold, creating a special wood structure − the structure to which the PeeWee pellets owe their specific properties.

The sawdust is compressed into pellets in a unique process without the use of glue or any chemical additives. That makes PeeWee pellets 100% natural and 100% sustainable. In addition, the pellets are impervious to mould and frost.

PeeWee wood pellets have the unique characteristic of neutralising the smell of ammonia and absorbing considerably more moisture than any other cat litter on the market − up to 15 times their own volume!

  • PeeWee wood pellets are safe for cats & people alike and good for the environment: the pellets are produced from 100% renewable raw materials and are 100% biodegradable.

  • The sawdust and pellets don't stick to paws: that's better for your cat and rids your home of soiled cat litter dust!

  • The unique ammonia-absorbing properties neutralise the smell of urine.

  • A single wood pellet absorbs up to 15 times its own volume.

  • One bag of pellets will last for 3-4 months

Wood pellets

Questions and answers

How long will a 9 kg bag of wood pellets last?2021-02-24T10:50:39+01:00

Used in an EcoHûs or EcoMinor litter box by one cat, a 9 kg bag of PeeWee pellets will last as long as 4 months.

What quantities are PeeWee wood pellets available in?2021-02-24T10:50:16+01:00

The wood pellets are available in small 3 kg (5 litre) bags and large 9 kg (14 litre) bags.

What colour litter boxes are there?2021-02-24T10:49:45+01:00

The available colours are shown for each litter box and vary per model.

Can I convert an open litter box into a closed/covered one?2021-02-24T10:49:24+01:00

If you have an open litter box (EcoGranda or EcoMinor) and would prefer a closed one (EcoDome or EcoHûs), yes, you can. You can replace the rim with a hood. The base is identical. The hoods for the EcoDome and EcoHûs are available separately. Do check that a flap and filter are also included and, for the EcoDome, a handle and a set of clips.

Can I convert a closed/covered litter box into an open one?2021-02-24T10:49:05+01:00

If you have a closed litter box (EcoDome or EcoHûs) and you would prefer an open one (EcoGranda or EcoMinor), yes, you can. You can replace the hood with a rim. The base is identical. The rims for the EcoGranda and EcoMinor are available separately.

How should the flap hang?2021-02-24T10:47:39+01:00

The flap should hang in the filter cover in the same way for both the EcoDome and the EcoHûs. Make sure that the concave side of the flap is on the inside and the convex surface on the outside.

How do I know which litter box to choose?2021-02-24T10:47:18+01:00

That depends on the size of your cat. The EcoMinor and EcoHûs litter boxes are a normal size and perfectly suitable for most breeds of most sizes. The EcoDome and EcoGranda litter boxes are extra large and designed for very large breeds such as the Maine Coon. The British Shorthair is an average to large breed. Both the EcoHûs/EcoMinor and the EcoDome/EcoGranda would be suitable. Some cats are large but not heavy. An EcoHûs/EcoMinor would be fine based on weight alone but given their overall build, an EcoDome/EcoGranda would be better. And vice-versa, of course. All dimensions are listed on the product specifications page.

My cat won't use the PeeWee litter box2021-02-24T10:44:43+01:00

As you know, cats have a will of their own and sometimes they need a little extra help or persuading. If you still have some, put a little of the cat litter they were used to using on top of the PeeWee pellets. Or put faeces you find outside the litter box into the tray for a while so that it takes on the cat's scent. If your cat does start to use the litter box now, it is important to gradually reduce the ratio of old litter to PeeWee pellets until you eventually only use the PeeWee pellets. Do bear in mind that as long as you are still mixing the PeeWee pellets, you will smell the litter box a little more.

Can I put the litter box anywhere?2021-02-24T10:43:41+01:00

We do not recommend putting a litter box in direct sunlight, in front of a heating element, or above underfloor heating. Not only do warmed faeces smell more, they also form an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Underfloor heating is usually not installed throughout the entire home but if the litter box does have to be positioned above underfloor heating, a solution could be to raise it above the floor slightly or stand it on a piece of insulation material (polystyrene foam) to shield it from the heat.

Can I use other brands of wood pellets in my PeeWee litter box?2021-02-24T10:42:51+01:00

The system only works optimally with PeeWee pellets. Other wood pellets may look similar but have often proven not to have the same composition and absorbent properties as the PeeWee pellets. We also recommend not mixing PeeWee pellets with other wood pellets.

Can PeeWee pellets be disposed of as compostable waste?2021-02-24T10:42:30+01:00

Despite the fact that PeeWee pellets are 100% natural products, they are not officially allowed in organic waste bins because they do not carry a quality mark. So formally, we must advise that both the pellets and sawdust should always be disposed of as residual waste.

Please refer to the waste separation guide for more information

Can I flush the wood pellets down the toilet?2021-02-24T10:41:24+01:00

We advise you not to flush the sawdust or wood pellets down the toilet. This can cause serious blockages. The soiled sawdust is best disposed of in the refuse bin. Flushing the faeces down the toilet is not a problem but do try to make sure that as few wood pellets as possible end up in the toilet, and flush well.

How high should the layer of PeeWee pellets in the top tray be?2021-02-24T10:41:50+01:00

The layer of pellets in the top tray should certainly not exceed the 2 cm mark. If the tray is too full, more pellets will be soiled. As well as being expensive, the pellets in the top tray will not stay clean. The litter box system will not work optimally.

How can I clean the litter box?2021-02-24T10:42:06+01:00

If you scoop out the faeces (and any soiled pellets) daily and stir the pellets in the top tray, these pellets need only be topped up and will not need to be replaced, in principle. There will always be exceptions of course, for example, if your cat has diarrhoea.

The bottom tray should be emptied about once a week, or more often if used by several cats or when the bottom tray is full of sawdust. If the bottom tray is too full, the system will no longer work and the soiled pellets will remain in the top tray, causing it to smell.

The bottom tray can be cleaned using a soft cloth with a mild soap solution or hot water with vinegar or baking soda. Or simply rinse under the tap. Do not use scourers or abrasives. These will leave tiny scratches, which are a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause smells.

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